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Programmer, Photographer, Website Developer, Geek & Father

About Me

I'm an American living in Bangkok, Thailand - which has got to be one of the most exciting, wacky, strange and interesting cities in the world. I love to program, read, take photographs and hang out with my wife and son (who's in the photo above).

Personal Information

Currently living in Bangkok, Thailand


30 years experience developing software and managing development teams. Experienced in all phases of the software development cycle, including programming, project planning, testing, release management and support.

2005 to present day

Adaptive Wave, LLC

Bangkok, Thailand

Managing Director: Web development / SEO consulting company. Technologies: Python, Django, GIT, PostgreSQL, PostGIS, REDIS, SOLR, Jquery. Developed back-office and front-office systems for clients.


Travelotica, CO LTD.

Bangkok, Thailand

General Manager: Website and GIS development company specializing in the hospitality & travel industry using ASP.NET, C#, Microsoft SQL Server and Mapinfo.


Microsoft Corporation

Bellevue, WA

Development Lead – Visual J++: Lead compiler team developing the JVC (Java) compiler. Lead development team for the project system for Visual C#.

Development Lead РCorporate & Network Systems: Lead development team for client networking products for Windows NT including DOS redirector, Remote Access Server and Services for Macintosh. Shipped and released over 20 products to manufacturing.

Test Lead РNetwork Systems: Lead testing team responsible for Lan Manager System Testing. Developed protocol parser for a network sniffer for TCP/IP, Netbios, NCP (Netware Core Protocol) and ATP (Appletalk Protocol). Created a distributed testing system with client control programs for DOS, Windows and OS/2.


Tripod Data Systems

Corvallis, OR

Computer Programmer: Developed embedded systems and software for handheld computers, including a barcode scanner, EPROM programmer and memory management system for handhelds.  Developed software for land surveyors.


Greater Unified Systems

Computer Programmer: Developed turnkey inventory management system and purchasing system for auto dealerships. System deployed at over 50 auto dealerships.


Experienced in managing companies, development teams and planning, developing and shipping large computer programming projects. Have managed teams with many nationalities and backgrounds.

List of Skills

Programming Languages
Python Javascript C# C++ PHP 5 Java SQL
Tools & Technologies
Grunt LESS SASS GIT A/B Testing Responsive Design Mobile Development
Getting to Know
Objective-C GO
Assembly Languages
x86 68000 6502 Z80

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